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Brad Pitt ‘smitten’ with M.I.T. professor? What’s really going on


Brad Pitt has been dating MIT professor Neri Oxman since last fall and is “smitten” with her. That’s what Us Weekly is reporting in its latest cover story.

“They are very much a couple,” leaks an insider, who reveals Pitt and Oxman became “romantically involved almost right away” after the actor visited the prestigious college last November. It’s even shared that the professor dumped her boyfriend “almost immediately” in order to date Pitt.

Now Pitt has become “something of a fixture around the Boston-area campus” and he’s been “spotted going into her apartment building on multiple occasions,” in addition to traveling on international trips with Oxman, contends the outlet. The publication also cites a confidant who claims Angelina Jolie “will be livid that Brad is moving on.”

But is he really? Though the tabloid describes Oxman as Pitt’s “hot new love” and “new girlfriend,” his spokesperson maintains those are not accurate descriptions. Pitt’s rep tells Gossip Cop that the pair are only friends for now, stressing that all of these secret relationship claims from untraceable and unidentifiable sources are an “exaggeration.”

Us Weekly was also wrong last summer when it claimed Pitt was “secretly dating” Sienna Miller. Now less than a year later, it is peddling a similarly suspicious storyline about Pitt and Oxman.

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