Revisiting ‘Titanic’ in theaters as an adult will open up an ocean of movie-going memories

The TCL Theater in Hollywood was impressively full – just as packed, in fact, as the no-frills, suburban Chicago movie theater was when I first saw “Titanic” with my parents in the ’90s as a pop culture-obsessed 9-year-old.

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Letting Roger Federer leave Nike for Uniqlo was an ‘atrocity,’ says former Nike tennis director

When Roger Federer made the decision to hang up his tennis racket last year at the age of 41, he did so as one of the most influential figures to have played the game.

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Andrew Tate loses appeal against detention in Romania

By Amy Croffey and Sharon Braithwaite

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Russian convicts say defense ministry is sending them from jail to fight as ‘cannon fodder’ in Ukraine

Inside Russia's efforts to use prisoners to fight the war in Ukraine The audio is garbled at times, but the emotions are unmistakable.

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‘It’s so cold’: Earthquake aid eludes many in southeastern Turkey

Residents of Osmaniye say they need food, heaters and proper housing arrangements to take care of their children.

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The Origins of the Ukraine Crisis and the Need for Collective Security between Russia and the West

The relationship between major powers in the world determines the level of global stability. Two constellations are imaginable: balance of power and collective security. The end of major (world or cold) wars offers possibilities for change from one constellation to another. This article tries to explain the origins of the Ukraine crisis

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Leah Sharibu, Dapchi five and ransom scam

By Ann Mcgregor, PhD In the sandy grounds of the Sahara Salient, at an unknown distance from the remote village of Dapchi lie in unmarked graves, the bodies of five girls.

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[ICYMI] Release Of Chibok Girls: How Swiss Agent, Govt Officials Stole Millions Of Dollars

Abuja– Barely ten months after the release of a batch of 82 of the abducted Chibok secondary school girls, investigation shows that the entire negotiations may have been nothing but a huge scam.

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