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Why International Partners scorn Ibrahim Magu, Nigeria’s Anti-Graft czar


By Ann Mcgregor, PhD

More damning facts are emerging about the frosty relationships between International Development Partners and Economic Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria (EFCC).

US Justice Department and EU officials are hesitant and some were of the view that EFCC under it’s Chairman, Ibrahim Magu has become a haven for racketeering, extortion and protections of cyber crime suspects and politically exposed persons.

“The FBI is working everyday to disrupt and dismantle the criminal enterprises that target our businesses and our citizens – cooperation is the backbone to effective law enforcement,” said FBI director Christopher Wary.

Since the Internet Crimes Complaints Centre (IC3) began keeping track of BEC and its variants, Email Account Compromise EAC there has been a loss of over 3.7 billion dollars reported to IC3.

Another US senior Internal Revenue Service Officials, Don Fort said “It’s very difficult to sustain collaborative efforts without integrity.”

According to Robert J. Murphy, the special agent in charge of US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), “Allen Onyeama’s status as a wealthy business turned out to be a fraud.”

When Onyeama, CEO of Air Peace came under the radar of FBI, EFCC operatives tipped him.

“He laundered money through his NGOs running into hundreds of dollars via his Delaware offshore companies’ accounts.

According to Justice Department charges, Onyeama was accused of laundering more $20million dollars.

This case is prime example of IRS-CI seeks to partner and leverage its expertise in an effort to thwart those seeking to exploit our nation’s financial system, said Thomas J. Halloman, IRS criminal Investigation Special Agents in charge of Atlanta Field Office.

“Another case was that of Ismaila Mustapha, who was arrested by EFCC by the 18th of October, 2019 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

It was one of the cases that broke the camels back between Magu and International partners.

“The arrest, investigation and prosecutions, were sloppy, it’s designed to fail.

“When we arrested Okeke, he was grandstanding, but after exhaustive investigation, we got him. Now he has entered guilty plea . . . . .”

“EFCC can achieve such successes, but certainly not under Magu.

“We will continue to work with our international, federal and state partners to pursue all those responsible for perpetrating this fraud, preying on innocent victims and attempting to cheat the United States out of millions of dollars,” the official concluded.





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